About Us

Welcome to Ammo 22 and thank you for the interest in our content.

We would like to use this opportunity to tell you a little bit about how Ammo 22 came to be, and what our vision is, as well as some long-term goals.

The Ammo 22 website and community were founded by the current owner Nick.

He was raised in a gun-loving family, alas in Croatia which is a conservative country when it comes to gun ownership, so he did not have much contact with firearms until much later in life when he joined the Serbian Army while he was working as a bartender in Belgrade.

Trained as a marksman in the Serbian Reconnaissance & Diversions Battalion, this is where his love for the long-range rifles was first born, which reflects in the content that he writes.

While scouring the internet one day, searching for much-needed information, he realized there are little to no real articles written on the real problems one faces when it comes to firearms, that’s how the initial idea was born.

After brewing the idea in his mind for some time, he started pilling tons of questions from around the web that needed answers, and at the same time designing the website itself.

Once that phase was done, he started writing about every single one of those questions without answer and soon people started asking directly, which lead to the creation of an entire team that now works on Ammo 22.

Even though Nick will gladly write about any and all weapons that come into his hands, the marksmanship rifles are his true forte, but he solved that problem very easily, by assembling a team of gun enthusiasts with no penmanship skills and thought them how to pour their love for guns into articles that will help others.

The team currently consists of four people writing the articles, but also doing all the other tasks in between to make sure the website and the community are always taken care of.

Without further-a-do, we would like to invite you to reach out to us with your suggestions, questions, problems and everything else that’s on your mind and we will make sure you get the best reply possible.

Thank you once again for your interest and I hope we will keep it with the quality content we publish regularly.