What Is Remanufactured Ammo – Is It Safe?

Asking this question on a forum or a social media group usually ends up as an arena for the online warriors who are always right, that’s what they believe anyway.

This is the reason I decided to put together an article that will help everyone seeking this information to make an educated decision based on facts, not assumptions.

What Is Remanufactured Ammo?

Remanufactured Ammo is produced by combining a new bullet, primer, and load with a re-purposed casing. In most cases, remanufactured ammo is produced by manufacturers who’s equipment adheres to strict specifications of Shooting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturing Institute (SAAMI).

If you are looking to buy remanufactured ammo, always make sure that the manufacturing company adheres to the SAAMI specifications.

Remanufactured ammunition, however, is not re-loaded ammo and there is a distinctive difference.

Without going into too much detail – remanufactured ammo is made by the same machines that make brand new ammo, the only difference is the casings.

On the other hand, there are no standards or specifications for the production of re-loaded ammo which basically means you could be buying bullets made in someone’s basement over a few beers, which is not the kind of ammo I would ever use.

Is Remanufactured Ammo Safe To Use?

Even though the remanufactured ammo produced by manufacturers that follow SAAMI specifications is regarded as safe for use, there is one bit of information you should know before buying your first load.

The reason you might not want to buy it is simple – Almost all firearms manufacturers have a clause in the manuals about remanufactured ammo. In short, the clause says that if you shoot remanufactured ammo from their gun, your warranty is instantly voided.

This only means that firearms manufacturers have to cover all their bases because there is remanufactured ammunition out there that’s not made by SAAMI specifications.

When you think about it, it’s better to protect yourself as a manufacturer from all remanufactured ammo than risk lawsuits.

If you own a firearm that’s still under a warranty, never use remanufactured or re-loaded ammo. This, however, does not mean remanufactured ammo can be bad for your gun, as long as it’s made by SAAMI specs.

I have personally shot a few hundred rounds of good remanufactured ammo without a hitch. But I never have and never will use re-loaded ammo. In this case, you really get what you pay for. So don’t buy ammo that’s made by a shady company not adhering to SAAMI specs.

Unfortunately, Nothing Is That Simple

I recently read an article on concealedcarry.com where the author wrote about watching a video showing a S&W semi-auto .40 cal blowing up in a woman’s hands. The video is no longer available on the source the writer stated, but the facts have been written down.

The original poster of the video stated that remanufactured ammo was used, made by “a company in Washington State”. The problem here is that we don’t know which company made these rounds, which means we can never know if the ammo was made by SAAMI specs or not.

The author also pointed out that the failure could have been caused by a squib as well as a faulty round. In case you are wondering what a squib is:

Anyway, this caused a massive uproar on both sides of the table and people started making big, hasty decisions after watching the video. For example:  ‘that’s why I don’t like S&W guns.’ or ‘That is why I don’t like plastic guns,’ or ‘.40 caliber cartridges are not safe.’ or ‘I only buy factory new ammunition’ etc. etc. This makes no sense at all, right?

Why Is Remanufactured Ammo So Appealing To Shooters?

What is the appeal of re-manufactured ammunition?

Shooters use re-manufactured ammunition for various reasons, like:

  • Cheaper price
  • Easy to purchase in bulk
  • Purchase hard to find calibers
  • Subscription services
  • Delivered to your door
  • Brass trade-in credits

Final Thoughts

After reading all the pros and cons’s it up to you to decide if you want to use remanufactured ammo or not. However, I would like to advise against using remanufactured ammo for self-defense simply because you want to have the best option available if you find yourself in a pinch.

I would like to hear your experiences and opinions on remanufactured and re-loaded ammo. If you have something to share, please do so in the comments section for the benefit of our readers and myself.

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